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Roger Moore Institute of Hypnotherapy

The Roger Moore Institute of Hypnotherapy offers the finest in advanced hypnosis training and specialty programs

  • This training is designed to give hypnotherapists, mental health counselors, medical doctors, dentists, chiropractors and other health care professionals advanced hypnosis tools to enhance their clients wellness experience.
  • Specializing in Medical Hypnosis
  • Our hypnotherapy training teaches the application of hypnotherapy in a client-centered and holistic manner.
  • Hypnosis Demystified – Learn the latest concepts and theory on hypnosis.
  • The courses offered are only for people who have prior hypnosis training or who are licensed health care professionals.
  • Attend Online: Classes are available worldwide online via streaming video.

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Integrative Medical Hypnosis Certification



Online Streaming Video Classes


Hypnosis training for hypnotherapists, mental health counselors, medical, health and wellness professionals seeking to include hypnosis techniques into their professional practice to enhance their client’s wellness experience.

Typical students are: hypnotherapists, medical doctors, nurses, dentists, dental technicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, personal trainers, life coaches, mental health counselors, social workers and other wellness professionals.

The courses offered are only for people who have prior hypnosis training or who are licensed health care professionals.

NOTE: Roger Moore’s Institute of Hypnotherapy DOES NOT offer hypnosis classes for people who have no hypnosis training. These courses are not for someone seeking to become a hypnotherapist. These Advanced Hypnosis courses are for people seeking to enhance their existing professional skills and training.

Streaming Video Classes

Advanced Medical Hypnosis Training

Classes at the Roger Moore Institute of Hypnotherapy are held online via streaming video.

  • Attend these courses on your own time
  • You can watch these courses as many times as you want
  • Watch for however long that you want

Your subconscious mind is powerful

The subconscious mind is the most powerful goal achieving tool we have. And yet, your subconscious mind cannot judge; it is not a seat of reasoning or creative consciousness. Judgment occurs in the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is a stimulus-response device. When an environmental signal is perceived, the subconscious mind reflexively activates a previously stored behavioral response—no thinking required. The subconscious mind is a super computer loaded with a database of programmed behaviors. Some of these programs are genetic and most are acquired through our developmental learning. A suggestion placed into the subconscious mind will powerfully produce results.

The subconscious mind operates in a world of interior impressions. Its meaningful reality consists of ideas and images of that world. The subconscious world is where the heart is, and its reality is completely subjective. It can never be adequately grasped by objective knowledge or directly observed by another person. No one else can ever give your subconscious mind enough love, nor will there ever be enough comfort food to soothe your subconscious mind. This love and comfort can only come from you. Learn hypnosis and achieve your goals.

Achieve Your Goals with Hypnosis