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Integrative Medical Hypnosis Practitioner Certification
with Roger Moore & Tracy Barrett Adams

Our seventh class starts March 4, 2024

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*Harnessing Hypnosis, Neuroplasticity, and NLP for Heart Health: A Professional Guide

*Hypnosis for Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease

*Hypnosis for COVID-19 Long-haulers Symptoms

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Free Webinar

A conversation with Scott Sandland and Roger Moore

Hypnosis for Aging: Creating Lasting Independence with Roger Moore


Autoimmune Disease Hypnosis Intro Course with Roger Moore

Autoimmune Disease ~ Taming The Chronic Illness Monster eTraining Manual by Melissa Roth & Roger Moore

Dynamic Hypnosis for Pain Control
with Michael Ellner and Scott Sandland

Empowering Women Through Skill Building Hypnosis
The 2014 Seattle Hypnosis Conference
With Kelley Woods, Richard Nongard and Roger Moore

End of Life


End of Life Hypnosis Certification Training

with Kelley T. Woods & Roger Moore


End of Life Hypnotic Skills for Healthcare Support Professionals

with Kelley T. Woods & Roger Moore

How to Use Trance Depth – From The Esdaile State to Waking Hypnosis
with Richard Nongard & Roger Moore

Hypnosis for the Brokenhearted
with Frankie Perez & Roger Moore

Hypnotic Phenomena – Demonstrating the Power of Hypnosis to Achieve Results
with Richard Nongard and Roger Moore

Integrative Medical Hypnosis
Roger Moore and Tracy Barrett Adams

ICBCH Practitioner Certification

Medical Hypnosis Coaching

with Melissa Roth & Roger Moore

Metaphors, Similes, Reframes and Movement in Hypnotic Settings
with Michael Ellner & Roger Moore

Mindfulness and Hypnosis: How to Revolutionize Your Changework
with Richard Nongard and Roger Moore

Reflections on Life Lessons
with Kelley Woods, Michael Ellner & Roger Moore

Transforming Negative Self Talk
with Mark Andreas & Roger Moore

Using Hypnosis to Create Peak Performance
with Richard Nongard and Roger Moore