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Bariatric Hypnotherapy Certification

Las Vegas September 18-19, 2018


Now Only $349.00

You will learn the clinically proven methods of effective hypnosis with weight loss clients – and you will learn the business approach both Roger and Richard have used to create financial success in private practice.

If you had both the answers to what methods to use and how to market and sell your services, how successful do you think your practice could become?

We are going to give you the right resources to do the best job with weight loss clients. We do not have a gimmick or a patented program to sell you. We have the research that shows what really works best, and we are going to give you the research, the scripts, the videos, and the tools you need to create a successful path in weight loss hypnosis.

Join Roger Moore and Richard Nongard at Hypnosis Nevada, LLC in the H.P.T.I Training Center.

Limited to 12 participants, the first 6 to register get the early-bird rate of $349.

September 18-19, 2018. You will earn ICBCH Certification as a Bariatric Hypnotherapy Specialist

Bariatric Hypnotherapy is the scientific approach to hypnotic weight loss, based on what the research shows really works!

Even some of our students have lost weight!

These ideas are so powerful that many students have told us they embraced the methods in self-hypnosis and reached their own weight loss goals!

Imagine how successful you can be helping others, when you apply these ideas in your own life.

Join is in Las Vegas

Master the methods that really work in weight-loss hypnosis

— Limited to no more than 12 participants —

Hybrid program with a live in person training in Las Vegas this September

This is 16 hours of real-world instruction

Another 14 hours of study is completed either before or after the event in our online learning center

Do you know how to sell weight-loss hypnosis services?

We will show you how to get away from trading dollars-for-hours and create packaged programs that bring in committed clients who will eagerly pay you hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

We will share the case studies so you can model your success after the real clients we have helped.

Professional learning materials

You will leave this class with real resources so that you can structure each session for maximum success.

We will give you the forms we use, the assessment tools we use and share freely with you the techniques, structure and step-by-step “how to’s” of weight loss hypnosis.

You will know exactly what to do in each session, from the first session to the last session.

This training will virtually pay for itself with your first new weight-loss client!

Understanding Food Addiction

This workshop will provide you with practical skills for helping clients end food addictions, cravings that result in destructive eating patterns and help clients to adapt healthy eating habits and increase physical activity.

Las Vegas September 18-19, 2018


Now Only $349.00

Clinical Hypnotherapy

You will learn effective methods of hypnotic suggestion and what are trusted methods of hypnotic therapy. Both experienced hypnotists and those new to hypnotic intervention will learn strategies for ending the pain of obesity by creating lasting subconscious change. You will learn how to resolve blocks to success and put clients on a permanent path to wellness.

Outcome-Based Treatment Protocols

You will learn interventions based in current weight-loss and hypnosis research, and develop a firm foundation for helping client develop mindful eating patterns and increase daily activity.

You will learn how to reprogram unhealthy subconscious eating patterns and replace them with new habits of wellness. This includes Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy and ACT Therapy.

Become an Effective Example

Counselors often struggle with their own health, emotions and weight.

Counselors who attend this conference will develop dynamic skills that will help them lose weight and in turn, become a professional who is able to promote change based on personal success.

Meet Richard & Roger

Richard Nongard

Roger Moore


This event will be held at the Hypnosis Nevada, LLC Conference Center in Las Vegas.

You will see Richard’s office, where he sees clients and learn in the environment where hypnosis is actually done! There is no online access for this course.

The course will run from 10:00am to 5:00pm Monday and Tuesday. The dates are September 18-19, 2018.


Classes will be held in the Hypnosis Nevada, LLC and H.P.T.I. Learning Center

This is minutes away from the Las Vegas strip, and right down the street from the Orleans Hotel and Casino.


September 18, 10:00am-6:00pm (Tuesday)
September 19, 10:00am-6:00pm (Wednesday)


Class will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, class will be held from 10:00am-6:00pm.

Meals are not included. There are many nearby places for meals.