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Cancer Care Support Training Hypnosis and Mindfulness as an Integrative Approach


Kelley T. Woods and Roger Moore

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Have you ever wished you had answers for clients who are dealing with cancer? Whether a person has just received a diagnosis, is already undergoing treatment, is in the recovery mode or preparing for the last stage of their life, you can make all the difference in their experience. Kelley and Roger have prepared a comprehensive, 2-day training that will provide you with the information, tools and confidence to effectively support your cancer care client, along with their oft-forgotten family members and caregivers.

In this
IMDHA- Specialty Certification course*
you will learn:

*IMDHA Specialty Certification optional at additional fee
  • the right words to say
  • how to assess and prioritize the needs of your client
  • how to be part of an integrative support team
  • specific approaches, including techniques and scripts
  • self-care strategies for the hypnosis practitioner

You will receive our 83 page eTraining Manual

and access to

8 Streaming Video Recordings

Video 1: Length: 58.46

  • Making the Case for Cancer Care Support Hypnosis
  • Self-care for the Hypnotherapist

Video 3: Length: 25:16

  • Transformational Language

Video 5: Length: 2:06:50

  • Normalizing Emotions
  • Body Parts
  • Greatest Expression of You process
  • Review & Wrap Up

Video 7: Length: 1:25:10

  • Symptom Management Mastery (continued)

Video 2: Length: 1:40:06

  • Where do clients come from?
  • Getting Started
  • Rapport Building
  • Assessing Client Need

Video 4: Length: 1:11:25

  • Transformational Language (continued)

Video 6: Length: 1:16:30

  • Symptom Management Mastery

Video 8: Length: 1:16:40

  • Ego Strengthening Techniques
  • Grief and Loss

Table of Contents

Making the Case
Efficacy of Hypnosis for Cancer Care Clients
Before You Begin – Self Care
Where Do These Clients Come From?
Interacting with Medical Professionals
Transformation Language
Therapeutic Goals
Unconditional Positive Regard
Heart Centered Listening
Strengths and Resources Assessment
Working with Children and Teens
Laughter Therapy for Cancer
Creating Power Signals
Normalizing Emotions
Post Traumatic Growth
Mindfulness ~ Are You Present in this Moment
Body Parts
Symptom Management
Pre and Post Surgery Protocols
Enhancing Treatment
Ego Strengthening
Grief and Loss
Re-Entry ~ Now What?
Death and Dying


Roger’s Session Protocol

Symphony for Cancer
Float to Sleep Enhancing the Immune System
The Holographic Body for Cancer Smooth Sailing
Eliminating Cancer Fear Moves Far Away
Soft Belly Journey to an Alternate Universe
Death Rehearsal Template Autogenic Training to Reduce Suffering
The Emotional Detox Technique Needs Assessment Form
Integrative Care Release HIPAA Form
Recommended Reading


This course is designed to teach you Health Care Support Hypnosis. The information provided is to support your clients as they navigate their way through allopathic care. None of this information is intended to be used as a replacement for medical care. Your clients should be advised to keep their medical professionals informed about their work with you.

Register NOW:

Only $327.00

Meet Kelley T. Woods & Roger Moore

Register NOW:

Only $327.00