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Online attendance

  • Online attendance will be with Adobe Connect
  • Use Firefox or Internet Explorer
  • Do not use Safari or Chrome

Login Link:

  • Click link prior to April 20, 2018, to see if you need any free updates
  • If you plan to attend live on your smart phone or tablet, go to your app store and download the free Adobe Connect app. Use the above link to login
  • When you login, make sure the Guest circle is marked and enter your name in the Name box, I will allow you into the room
  • You may type questions into the chat box
  • You may use the Raise Hand feature to get our attention

Technical Support

  • If you encounter technical difficulties, make sure that you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer. If not, log out and log back in using Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • If trouble continues, call Adobe at 800-422-3623 and choose to Stay on the Line. Press 1 for immediate assistance. Give the tech support person this link: and they will help you.
  • You can also text or call Roger (voice mail) at 206-903-1232 and leave a message. I will get to you when I can.
  • Some internet situations are beyond our control. We will do everything we can to ensure uninterrupted live streaming but we cannot guarantee that nothing will go wrong. Should this happen, you will have access to the recorded streaming video.

Recorded Streaming Video

You also have access to the Recorded Streaming Video