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Doulagivers Certified End-of-Life Doula

Academic Program

with Suzanne B. O’Brien, RN, Doulagivers Founder, Speaker, Author


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Doulagiver Academic Program

with Suzanne O’Brien, R.N.

  1. The Business Building Series (Value $497.00)
  2. Doulagivers Marketing Materials Package (Value $497.00)
  3. Lifetime membership in The Doulagivers Network (Value $149.00 per year)
  4. Two 60-minute one-on-one  coaching calls  (Value $149.00 each)

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Total Value: $1997.00

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Payment Plans Available

Suzanne B. O’Brien, RN

Certified Doulagivers Specialist Training

Standard  Bundle Package

Includes all three Doulagivers Training:

  • Certified End of Life Doula Training (Value $1997.00)
  • Certified Elder Care Doula Training (Value $497.00)
  • Certified Doulagiver Care Consultant Training (Value $1997.00)

Also Includes:

    • The Business Building Series (Value $497.00)
    • The Marketing Materials Program (Value $497.00)
    • Lifetime membership in The Doulagivers Network (Value $149.00 per year)
    • Three 60-minute one-on-one  coaching calls  (Value $149.00 each)

Total Value  $5438.00

Register before August 1, 2018

Only $1,997.00

Payment Plans Available

The Highest Level of End-of-Life Care Education Worldwide

Doulagivers Certified End-of-Life Doula Academic Program Details

Complete Business Building Series

(Value $497.00)

  1. Website template and verbiage, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn verbiage and templates
  2. Scripts and outlines to use on the phone and in-person
  3. Access to weekly office hours for questions and support
  4. How to create your practices payment scales, fees and packages
  5. Access to our Private Doulagivers Face Book group and forum
  6. Access to our Monthly Doulagivers Network Conference Call where we give ongoing education, business, and marketing tools. We also give you the latest information on national initiatives being put in place for the End of Life Doula profession.
  7. All forms for your End of Life Doula practice: End of Life Patient Template, Doulagivers Interview Checklist Form, Authorization to Talk with Medical Staff Form, and the Patient/Family End of Life Doula Agreement, and Disclaimer Form.

Doulagivers Marketing Materials Package

(Value $497.00)

1) Listing on the Doulagivers Exclusive Doula Directory
2) Access to the latest information on National Initiatives ( NHPCO and NEDA ) and policy being made for the End of Life Doula profession and practice. Use of logo and all PR from Doulagivers.
3) “8 Steps to Launching a Successful End of Life Doula Practice,” the step-by-step instruction guide to beginning and succeeding in your new practice.
4) Permission to use The “Doulagivers Discussions on Death and Dying Seminar Series,” a monthly seminar series you can host at your local library. It includes all covered materials and a press release to promote it.
5) Permission to use the 60-minute Power Point presentation “What is a Doulagiver End of Life Doula.” Doulas may show this to local organizations, churches, and other gatherings. You will become known as the go-to resource in your community.
6) The “5 Steps to Finding End of Life Doula Clients” downloadable pdf.
7) Doulagivers press release. This is your personal announcement that you are a certified End of Life Doula and shares how people can access your services.
8) Ongoing business and marketing support through the Monthly Doulagivers Network Conference Calls.

Weekly Online Classes

    • Weekly online lasses will begin on Tuesday, September 4th, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM ET
    • Certified Doulagivers Specialist Training will be a total of 8 Months once a week and will consist of all 3 trainings
    • The Certified End of Life Doula Training will be the first training offered and students can choose to take ONLY this training for the first 3 months

Training Program Details

  1. Live weekly classes taught by Suzanne B. O’Brien RN. Suzanne will answer all questions live after each class
  2. The Full Self Paced Self Study Online version of the CEOLD Training
  3. Course Objectives
  4. Weekly Assignments
  5. Case Studies
  6. Self Assessment Quiz After Each Learning Module

Student Support

  1. Each student will be assigned a personal Doulagivers mentor and coach
  2. Global Community Forum
  3. Live Weekly office hours
  4. Assistance setting up your contact hours internship with Hospices or other EOL organizations

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End of Life Hypnotic Skills for Healthcare Support Professionals

This 90-minute Streaming Video Webinar is ideal for Doulagivers, medical doctors, nurses, mental health counselors, social workers, hospice workers, CNAs, caregivers, family members and friends.

These hypnosis skills will enhance how you care for others and yourself. This training will give you the confidence to use creative, easy-to-apply techniques to ease suffering and promote comfort and serenity.

End of Life Hypnotic Skills for Healthcare Support Professionals

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Kelley T. Woods &
Roger Moore

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End of Life Hypnosis Certification Training

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Kelley T. Woods &
Roger Moore

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Roger Moore Institute of Hypnotherapy

The finest in advanced hypnosis training and specialty programs

End of Life Hypnosis

Nearly every qualified hypnosis practitioner will eventually work with clients who are dealing with a life-threatening disease or are naturally nearing the End-of-Life.

Whether you just want to improve your skills in helping these clients or you intend on developing a special niche in this area, this training is for you!

The need for hypnosis for End of Life has never been greater.

Medical Hypnosis Coaching with Roger Moore offers you cutting edge online Heath Care Support Hypnosis guidance. Modern neuroscience has proven that you can change your brain just by thinking differently. Research has proven similar results not only in the brain but in the body as well. Tests have shown that there is a veritable a mind-body connection—in fact, the mind changed the body. Physical changes can occur by your thoughts, your intentions, and your meditations. Mindfulness hypnosis is the perfect tool to teach your clients to help them through their health challenges.

Roger Moore has more than 40 years experience in counseling and the delivery of healthcare services. Roger has been in private practice since 1997 specializing in Health Care Support Hypnosis.

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