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Kelley T. Woods

Kelley T. Woods, CHT, has been in private hypnosis practice since 2002 in Mount Vernon, Washington. Co-Founder of HOPE COACHing, she has co-authored several books including HOPE is Realistic: A Physician’s Guide to Helping Patients Take the Suffering Our of Chronic Pain, Secrets of the River: Riding the Creative Wave in Pediatric Hypnosis and Family Therapy and the HOPE Coach Mindful Hypnosis Practitioner’s Guide.

Kelley is the founder of Hypnotic Women, a private forum of over 500 female hypnosis practitioners and  serves as a moderator on and a Field Supervisor for HPTI. A creative and inspiring presenter, she also brings a light-hearted and practical approach to the field of hypnosis.

As a second degree black belt in shito ryu karate, Kelley has enjoyed many years of mentoring and instructing people of all ages.