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Mark Andreas

Mark Andreas lives in Boulder CO, where he runs a private practice offering NLP Change Coaching to individuals around the world. Meeting both in-person and over Skype, Mark helps people resolve limitations and achieve life-goals using NLP, Core Transformation, and other methods for personal transformation and development (

Mark trains NLP around the country, is instructor of NLP at Red Rocks Community College, is a trainer for the NLP of the Rockies’ Practitioner and Master Practitioner training programs, and is developer and lead trainer of the Next Generation NLP Practitioner Training in Longmont, CO.

Mark is Author of the books “Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree: 61 stories of creative and compassionate ways out of conflict,” a collection of true stories of creative responses to conflict, and “Waltzing with Wolverines: finding connection and cooperation with troubled teens,” a collection of stories and principles for working with youth based on his time leading groups of at-risk teens 24-7 for three week shifts at a wilderness therapy program in Colorado.

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