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Michael Ellner

Michael Ellner, an internationally prominent self-hypnosis educator and co-author of three books on self-empowerment, is available as a resource on hypnotic, mind-body, and complementary and alternative approaches to pain relief, in light of new research that shows that severe chronic pain can be a killer:

“The newly published research clearly demonstrates that not treating pain is more dangerous than the risks associated with treating pain. My concern is that millions of people living with severe chronic pain will not be aware that learning self-hypnosis can help lower and, in some cases, even eliminate their need for pain medications because most of their doctors are not aware that learning and practicing self-hypnosis can help.”

Ellner, of New York City, teaches continuing medical education courses on mind-body and hypnotic pain relief techniques to doctors, dentists, nurses and therapists for PAINWeek, a major annual medical conference. He speaks extensively about how self-hypnosis can help people relax, recharge and focus their attention away from their pain.