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Hypnosis for Aging: Creating Lasting Independence

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Hypnosis for Aging: Creating Lasting Independence

Hypnosis for aging is really all about managing the many issues that come with aging so that seniors can create lasting independence. As a senior myself, I know that there are changes to adjust to and that I’m having to accept some limitations when I don’t want to.

People have found hypnosis to be beneficial for managing the stress and anxiety of health and navigating the healthcare system.

Hypnosis can help with chronic pain, memory issues and reduced mobility.

Many seniors are experiencing the stress of financial matters and the worry of having enough money for their lifetime. Often, the stress is over having to choose between to paying for medication, food or utilities.

Relationships with a spouse, partner and children can be a major stressor for the elderly. When children want a senior to stop driving or move out of their two-story home, that can create a lot of upset. Hypnosis can help you to reduce the stress and be open to find creative solutions.

One frequent reason for the call is the death or impending death of a partner or spouse. Hypnosis is powerfully effective for moving through grief.

Hypnosis can also be successful with activities for daily living and helping people to be as independent as you possibly can.

Perhaps most importantly, hypnosis can help seniors to overcome the fears associated with aging and help them to get the most out of each day that they have left.

This course will show you how you can help your senior clients.

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