Medical Hypnosis Coaching with Roger Moore offers you cutting edge online Heath Care Support Hypnosis guidance. Modern neuroscience has proven that you can change your brain just by thinking differently. Research has proven similar results not only in the brain but in the body as well. Tests have shown that there is a veritable a mind-body connection—in fact, the mind changed the body. Physical changes can occur by your thoughts, your intentions, and your meditations. Mindfulness hypnosis is the perfect tool to teach your clients to help them through their health challenges.

Roger Moore has more than 40 years experience in counseling and the delivery of healthcare services. Roger has been in private practice since 1997 specializing in Health Care Support Hypnosis.

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The subconscious mind is the most powerful goal achieving tool we have. And yet, your subconscious mind cannot judge; it is not a seat of reasoning or creative consciousness. Judgment occurs in the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is a stimulus-response device. When an environmental signal is perceived, the subconscious mind reflexively activates a previously stored behavioral response—no thinking required. The subconscious mind is a super computer loaded with a database of programmed behaviors. Some of these programs are genetic and most are acquired through our developmental learning. A suggestion placed into the subconscious mind will powerfully produce results.

The subconscious mind operates in a world of interior impressions. Its meaningful reality consists of ideas and images of that world. The subconscious world is where the heart is, and its reality is completely subjective. It can never be adequately grasped by objective knowledge or directly observed by another person. No one else can ever give your subconscious mind enough love, nor will there ever be enough comfort food to soothe your subconscious mind. This love and comfort can only come from you. Learn hypnosis and achieve your goals.
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